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10 Tips to Fend Off Retirement & Keep Your Nest Egg Growing | January 9th, 2017

I’ve met very few women who are interested in the traditional “withdraw from work of any kind” retirement.  In fact, I’m constantly amazed at the schedules, intellectual pursuits, philanthropic initiatives and professional adventures of women well past the age of 65.  There are endless ways to stay interested and interesting…and keep your nest egg growing for a long and productive life.

  1.  Know that it’s never too late to pursue your real passions.
  2.  Build on the vocation and avocation threads that are woven throughout your life in and out of the workforce.
  3.  Capitalize on the workplace renaissance: there has never been a better time to work as much as you want in the way that you want. Flexible work has become increasingly mainstream in all industries.
  4.  Think of retirement as a time when you can pursue work in purposeful moderation.
  5.  Recognize that paid professional work is possible far beyond the age of 65. Companies are looking for seasoned experts who can work on a consulting basis.
  6.  Consider ways that you can turn volunteer work into paid assignments.
  7.  Don’t think you’re too old to start a business—more than half of new businesses are now launched by women over the age of 40.
  8.  Listen to author Ken Dychtwald: retirement is a time to “reboot, reengage and find ways to apply your skills and hard won insights to new endeavors, learn new skills and tackle old problems as you infuse purpose in the many years still before you.”
  9.  Strike the word can’t from your vocabulary, along with: shouldn’t, unable, unwilling, unsure, uncertain, unavoidable, unselfreliant,unfathomable, unworkable, uncontrollable, unconfident, unassured, unattainable, unfeasible, unachievable, insurmountable, inescapable, unpreventable, inaccessible, insecure, hesitant, guarded, tentative, indecisive, maybe, wary, afraid, fearful, later…and all other words that stand in your way of moving forward.
  10.   Never stop learning, experiencing, venturing, wondering, challenging, accomplishing.

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