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Cause After A Pause
Advising services, strategies, and sector insights for women looking to (re)enter or transition into the nonprofit arena. Strong focus on women who are in a transformative or transitional stage of life and eager to put passion for a nonprofit cause into practice. Emphasis on project-based strategic volunteering, skill building, resume updating, and strategic expansion of professional networks. Advising includes discussions of sector hiring trends and opportunities for contract, flexible, remote, and part-time job opportunities to allow for work/life balance and accommodate ongoing caregiving responsiiblities.

Boston, MA

Greater Boston and 1:1 remote advising

Customized services for individuals in addition to group programs. Cause After A Pause cohort programs take a deep dive into the nonprofit sector job market with an emphasis upon identifying opportunities to make new strategic professional connections and awareness of funding trends that indicate hiring opportunities. Programs include guest speakers as well as “guided” field trips to network/learn events. Services for individuals include guidance in customizing resumes and cover letters for specific job opportunities, as well as advising to nonprofit founders in the areas of board governance, budgeting, and fundraising plans.

Women seeking mission-driven work in the nonprofit sector after an extended career pause.

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