Find Flexwork helps moms find work from home jobs while helping small businesses and entrepreneurs hire talented virtual team members. And unlike most job sites, we do not take any commission from the business or freelancer. We simply provide a platform to post and find legitimate freelance jobs.

Spring, Texas

Primarily North America

Connecting moms looking for work from home with businesses and entrepreneurs looking to hire virtual talent

administrative, bloggers, bookkeepers/accountants, social media specialists, website designers, graphic designers, internet researchers, writers/editors, sales/customer service reps, marketing/advertising/public relations, real estate assistants, ecommerce specialists, consulants/strategic planners, human resources, virtual assistants, word press experts, and more!

A variety of small businesses and entrepreneurs of all types

Lesley Pyle at or 281-757-2207

Lesley Pyle at or 281-757-2207

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