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Just Do It All | September 13th, 2013

Here’s a revolutionary thought: instead of wasting a lot of time wondering whether you can or should “have it all” (family and career), how about realizing that for most women it makes long-term sense to DO IT ALL.

What am I saying, exactly? I’m saying that with few exceptions most women need to (as I say in my blog tagline), “Find the Work that Fits Your Life” at all ages and stages.  

It’s a reality that very few people have enough money saved to send multiple children off to college—let alone fund a retirement that could last 30 years or more.

It’s a reality that no jobs have lifetime guarantees—and that many spouses will lose their jobs without a moment’s notice and have a hard time finding another one—or one that offers the same level of pay.

It’s a reality that a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce, too often jolting women back to a workforce that can be harsh about big resume gaps.

It’s a reality that care for aging parents can become both an emotional and unexpected financial burden.

It’s a reality, simply, that women need to always have some way to generate an income–to make even small payments toward the life insurance policy for the “you never knows”.

What I think women get tripped up on is the word “career”, which carries the weight of “life sentence”. Let’s confine that inflexible career word to actors, athletes and others who have a finite amount of time to master and capitalize on one very specific expertise. For the rest of us, let’s just talk about many different kinds of “work” we can do and many different skills we can use to achieve personal fulfillment and financial security over an entire lifetime–freelance or on staff, employee or entrepreneur, at home or in a corporate office, five hours a week or 50—with endless possibilities for every age and stage.  —KAS

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2 thoughts on “Just Do It All”

  1. Randi Bussin says:

    Great blog post. I love your reframing-career and life sentence is not for us. We do need to think about the different shapes and forms work takes during the different phases of our lives.

  2. Kathryn Sollmann says:

    Thanks, Randi! Glad you agree…

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