Who Should Attend


WOMEN who have the choice to dial careers up or down today, but cannot say, with 100% certainty, they will never need the ability to generate an income.

WOMEN who want to capitalize on impressive educations—even advanced degrees—and also be the mothers they want to be.

WOMEN currently or formerly at the mid to senior-level—who don’t want to sell their souls to employers.

WOMEN who know that no amount of well-intended corporate leadership training will advance their careers—unless they believe they can MAKE WORK FIT LIFE.

WOMEN who are not necessarily aiming for the C-Suite—and want to find work that gives them the flexibility to be B-Sane.

WOMEN who want challenging, interesting, resume-worthy, career-building, lucrative work that does not require being chained to an employer’s desk.

WOMEN who are in the more than full-time workforce with one foot on the off ramp, wondering how much longer they can keep up the motherhood vs. career wrestle.

WOMEN who left the workforce “for a couple of years”, and it morphed into five, ten years or more. Women who no longer have the option not to work—or volunteers who are simply tired of giving away massive amounts of time.

WOMEN who don’t believe flexible work exists.

WOMEN who think about starting a business but aren’t sure they have the entrepreneurial gene.

WOMEN who can pay the mortgage—and take a nice vacation—but probably don’t have enough money saved for a retirement that could last 30 years or more.

WOMEN who may have to help up to four aging parents who live longer than anticipated and need 24/7 elder care that can drain even large retirement savings.

WOMEN who are not immune to life’s “you never knows”, and need that financial cushion to insure a reasonably comfortable life against discomfort down the road.

WOMEN who want to be role models to daughters—and sons. Women who want to show their children the importance of financial independence.

WOMEN who want to tuck themselves—and their families into a future that is financially safe and secure.



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