The Flexwork for Women Alliance

Still think your only work option is the traditional, more than full-time, tied-to-your-desk corporate grind? Though many jobs do still fit this profile, we’re moving rapidly toward a freelance economy. Every day there are more and more flexible full-time and part-time positions, long-term consulting assignments, telecommuting arrangements, job shares and yes, shorter-term freelance projects, too.

Today women have many work options and many resources to find the flexible work that fits their lives. The FlexWork for Women Alliance is a community of great firms nationwide partnering with the most progressive employers and giving women a wide array of opportunities to blend work and life. Our collective mission is to help greater numbers of women stay in the workforce in a less life-consuming way as they care for both children and aging parents—and achieve professional fulfillment and long-term financial security. Here you’ll find the only comprehensive list of national and regional firms specifically helping women find flexible work.

The Flexwork for Women Alliance is the only comprehensive list of national and regional firms specifically helping women find flexible work.

Après is a digital platform that connects highly educated women seeking to either return to or transition within the workforce and companies seeking diversity and talent. Après also offers its members a broad platform of tools they need to successfully navigate their re-entry.

Boulo’s mission is to help women remain in and return to the workforce. Our staffing service connects women to companies that value women’s influence in the workplace, prioritize diversity, and promote a flexible work culture.

Advising services, strategies, and sector insights for women looking to (re)enter or transition into the nonprofit arena. Strong focus on women who are in a transformative or transitional stage of life and eager to put passion for a nonprofit cause into practice. Emphasis on project-based strategic volunteering, skill building, resume updating, and strategic expansion of professional networks. Advising includes discussions of sector hiring trends and opportunities for contract, flexible, remote, and part-time job opportunities to allow for work/life balance and accommodate ongoing caregiving responsiiblities.

At conneCTalent, our mission is to connect skilled professionals with employers who value work/life balance.  Our platform helps companies achieve diversity, inclusion, and greater efficiency in the workplace, and empowers local professionals to seek modern opportunities. We are invested in helping our community and are proud to work with so many similarly committed businesses.

Corps Team is a nationwide, boutique talent advisory, search and staffing firm. Through our solutions, Corps Search, Mom Corps and Corps Advisory, we help fast-growing companies build their teams with highly skilled, hard to find professionals in Accounting/Finance, Marketing, HR and other business services.

We match CSR, ESG and Sustainability consultants with Fortune 1000 companies seeking experts to move their impact goals forward. 

Fairygodboss is a marketplace where ambitious, professional women looking for jobs, career advice and the inside scoop on companies (including their flexible work opportunities and work-life balance culture) meet employers who believe in gender equality.

FlexProfessionals is a niche staffing agency that matches growing businesses in need of top talent with professionals seeking part-time, flexible work. We give businesses access to an untapped talent pool of highly experienced professionals that they might not be able to find or afford using a traditional employment model.

HIGHER is a unique recruiting agency, specializing in market research and market research based consulting. We strongly believe in highly personalized service. For us, that means investing the necessary time and effort to get to know both the individual job seekers and companies that hire them. What makes us good at what we do is that we have been in your shoes, as candidates, as hiring managers. We know the value of putting the right people in the right place at the right time. That’s our little secret… helps moms find work from home jobs while helping small businesses and entrepreneurs hire talented virtual team members. And unlike most job sites, we do not take any commission from the business or freelancer. We simply provide a platform to post and find legitimate freelance jobs.

Inkwell is a flexible staffing innovator, helping businesses and professionals thrive. With its revolutionary approach to global staffing, Inkwell bridges the gap between companies in need of top talent, and professionals seeking flexible, yet rewarding job opportunities.

Inspire Human Resources, a Certified Woman-Owned Business, is a curated team of HR experts accessible when employers need them.  We parachute into both Fortune 500s and high-growth companies to fill a role on an interim basis or provide human capital consulting. 

Inspiring Capital’s mission is to accelerate the social enterprise sector by connecting talented business professionals and high-potential, purpose-driven organizations. Their Women’s Re-Inspiration Program provides women relaunching careers with…a wholly re-inspired idea of how they can utilize their professional backgrounds to do good in the world.

At iRelaunch, we’re creating the space for relaunchers to land. We work with employers to create, launch and expand their own in-house return to work programs, to produce career reentry events and to engage with this talented group of professionals.

We partner with private equity firms to provide high-caliber investor relations/marketing candidates for any roles with some degree of flexibility.

Live.Work.Lead is a company committed to reducing the gender and caregiving gaps in the workplace.

THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ is a powerhouse collective of Freelancers, Consultants & Entrepreneurs. Our platform AGGREGATES fragmented and hard-to-find solo professionals to gain bolder marketing. We CENTRALIZE relevant resources & tools to make running a solo business easier.

The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace and community connecting professionally accomplished women with world-class companies for rewarding employment opportunities. A woman-owned and run business, TMP provides employers with highly skilled, motivated on-demand talent to fill employment gaps for parental leaves as well as part-time or project-based work.

MomSource has grown into a fully inclusive network of candidates committed to supporting one another along their flexible employment journey and via our personal and professional development workshops. As time passed and our mission evolved, we realized that flexible employment resonates with people in many stages in life.

The Fellowship is a re-entry platform that matches experienced lawyers returning to the workforce after a career hiatus with law firms and legal departments in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the UK for year-long paid positions.

Path Forward is a nonprofit organization on a mission to empower people to restart their careers after time spent focused on caregiving. We fulfill this mission by working with companies to create midcareer internships — sometimes called “returnships” — to give women (and men) a jump start back to the paid workforce. We’ve worked with more than 40 companies, including Walmart, Intuit, Apple, NBCUniversal, PayPal, Verizon, Stripe, LendingClub and others. 82% of the participants in our programs were hired by the companies where they interned. 

PowerToFly is the community where women are improving work. You can join the platform for three reasons: to find roles at major companies and startups fostering environments to retain women; to connect with women at exclusive events and to take advantage of our online learning packages and networking tools.

Prepare to Launch U is a complete online course that guides women through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce after opting out to care for family. Based on 30 years of wisdom and experience, it provides the essential instruction, inspiration and practical tools to ensure a successful career relaunch—often to flexible work.

reacHIRE is engineering new ways in, and new ways up, for professional women in Corporate America. We are committed to creating a level playing field that optimizes the proven power of women in business.

ReBoot Accel has programs to get women current, connected, and confident to return to work with impact and influence. From free online programs (ReBoot Kickstart) to personal career coaching, their resources and job board have helped thousands of women. They also consult with companies and coach high-potential leaders to create workplaces where women thrive.

SheWorks! is focused on leveraging technology to empower women by allowing them to work remotely and become financially independent while developing their careers with top brands worldwide. 

The Second Shift is a company founded by women, for women and run by women. Our mission is to retain critical female expertise in the talent pipeline and to empower women through work.


Uma is an international platform that empowers women looking to return to work after a career break or transition through networking events, confidence building workshops and curated job experiences. We also advise, train and mentor companies looking to hire and retain these talented women through diversity, inclusion and retention best practices.

Untapped Potential, a social enterprise, impacts gender equity, increases the pipeline of women in senior roles and works to overcome the motherhood penalty. We believe caregiving is as important as capitalism in order for a society to thrive.

Going through a career change is challenging. We provide the human touch to an isolating process.  We listen to you, assess your readiness for change and together create a plan tailored to you. We match you with the right team of career and skill-building experts to move you forward.

Job sharing: A partnership between two people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position. Work Muse is a job share solutions firm; our mission is to drive adoption of job sharing in business as a source of competitive advantage while helping individuals find work-life balance.

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