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A Flexwork expert, Kathryn Sollmann helps women blend work and life—guiding the way toward many options that sustain earning, saving and investing at every age and stage.

“Critical advice for women when the traditional office job doesn’t fit family life…”

Meredith Bodgas, Editor-in-Chief
Working Mother Magazine

Learn Flexwork Trends and Options

“Any time out of the workforce comes at a big price: a woman loses up to four times her salary each year she’s out…”

Develop Your Own Brand of Ambition & Success

“Aware that most women are not aiming for the C-Suite, Kathryn coaches you toward lucrative, challenging, professional flexwork that fits alongside caregiving for children and aging parents…”

The Flexwork for Women Alliance
helping talented women make work fit life

Connect with the innovative firms nationwide specifically focused on helping women find flexwork that accommodates family, provides professional fulfillment and builds long-term financial security.

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