Professional women don’t have one job—they have as many as three. Even in these more enlightened times, studies show that women still spend the most time caring for children (job #2) and managing up to four aging parents and in-laws (job #3).

With the stress of three jobs many career-minded women often wrestle with the idea of leaving the workforce. Many do…for a very costly average of 12 years. And lots of women out of the workforce are always thinking “there’s got to be a way to work that’s different than the life-consuming job I left behind”.

I can help you reduce stress, find the work that fits your life and keep you moving in the direction of financial security if you’re…

  • Considering a work hiatus and need “look before you leap” guidance
  • At a loss about how to trade more than full-time posts for companies and positions with more flexibility
  • Interested in returning to the workforce and capitalizing on your volunteer experience
  • Considering your own venture and not sure if you have the entrepreneurial gene
  • A soon-to-be retiree who isn’t ready to give up paid work… by need or by choice

I get it. As a mother of two daughters (also navigating the needs of elderly parents), I know all the work+life conflicts you face.

For nearly two decades, I’ve coached hundreds of smart, capable women like you who are looking for ways
to blend work and life at every age and stage.

I’ve calmed the fears of new mothers who mistakenly say it’s just not possible to work and raise a family.

I’ve encouraged professional women who have never stopped running up that corporate ladder to give themselves permission to jump off and find less stressful ways to keep their professional stature intact.

I’ve helped women understand there’s no perfect time to work: cautioning them not to forego a paycheck until kids are off to college (because that’s just the time they’ll be needed by one or more aging parents).

I’ve tossed a flexwork lifeline to women who are blindsided by divorce, a husband’s lingering illness or unemployment—or the need to support an elderly parent or adult child.

In just one coaching session you’ll get a new perspective on the kind of work you’d like to do and the kind of company that will give you a great balance of freedom and opportunity.

I have empowering, motivational discussions with lots and lots of women who want to work, but want time for life, too.

I am a pragmatic voice for women (even in affluent communities) who often need a gentle reminder that they can’t yet bank on a comfortable retirement and need to keep working or jump back in to get finances on track.

When it comes to less traditional work structures, I can tell you what’s reasonable, what’s a pipe dream and what should be in a professional pitch for flexibility. Work that fits your life usually takes some searching, and I give you an easy research and networking process to follow.

Any job search can seem overwhelming, scary, frustrating and confusing—and I answer the question “where do I start”? I’ll give you simple and straightforward guidance and clarity on all the steps that will take you where you want to go.

Where you want to go, the kind of work you want to do, and who you want to be is your own personal decision. You don’t have to be a corporate CEO or build a business that can be exponentially scaled and sold. There’s no edict to “lean in”, and you may only have the personal or family bandwidth to view the glass ceiling from afar. What works for you could be working five hours a week or fifty—for yourself or for an employer.

Let me help you find the work that fits and funds your life.