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At iRelaunch, we’re creating the space for relaunchers to land. We work with employers to create, launch and expand their own in-house return to work programs, to produce career reentry events and to engage with this talented group of professionals. We help these professional relaunchers return to the paid workforce after a career break by providing career reentry tools, resources, events, strategies, advice, and access to the employers who want to engage with them. Many of our employer clients’ return to work positions are full-time or internships that convert to full-time roles, but with COVID there is more flexibility, particularly with jobs posted on our Job Board


Headquartered in Boston

United States (national), International Programming

Professionals who have taken a career break of at least 1 year (some programs require 2 years) and are looking to return to the paid workforce. These educated professionals (called relaunchers by iRelaunch) have varying reasons for taking a career break including, but not limited to: childcare, elder care, an ex-pat experience, pursuing a personal interest, a health issue, "un-retiring" or other reasons.

Varies across functions, industries and employer program: flexible hours; part-time work; telecommuting. Additionally, some full time roles in employer (in-house) return to work programs have more flex in non-traditional hours and work from home options during and post-Covid.

Cross-industry. We work with all industries and have deep experience in STEM and finance sectors.

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