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reacHIRE is engineering new ways in, and new ways up, for professional women in Corporate America. We are committed to creating a level playing field that optimizes the proven power of women in business. Through innovative hiring and training programs tailored to match a company’s unique culture and talent needs, reacHIRE powers up gender-diversity initiatives that refresh, replenish and retain a strong pipeline of experienced women. reacHIRE partners with Fortune 500 companies across the country to create employment opportunities for mid to senior-level women returning to the workforce.

Headquartered in greater Boston area

Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis

Training and placement

Returning professional women with prior experience at the mid to senior level

Primarily 1099 independent contractor or direct placements, both part-time and full-time

Most functional areas across corporate roles within Fortune 500 organizations

Mimi Moss at

Melissa Spiers at

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