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Untapped Potential, Inc.
Untapped Potential, a social enterprise, impacts gender equity, increases the pipeline of women in senior roles and works to overcome the motherhood penalty. We believe caregiving is as important as capitalism in order for a society to thrive. UP offers a network of support, skillUP Platform and curated Flexreturn™ Engagements at Pledging Partner companies. Pledging Partners commit to measure Candidates by actual skills and years of experience. The Flexreturn™ offers Candidates contacts, currency (in years and skills) and confidence. Often these lead to regular part-time or full-time roles. Through our event-driven programmatic approach, returning professional and pivoting women are supported with peers, mentors and best-of-breed coaches to develop their go-to-market strategy, elevator pitch, interview skills, resume (UP Profile). Our skills assessments rely on state-of-the-art tools and pinpoint skillUP courses for Candidates to pursue. We curate roles based on Candidate skills and aspirations. Repeat Clients highlight how well we know our Candidates and have a higher success rate for role matching. We support businesses in search, return-to-work seminars, skillUP Programs and one-off, cohort and enterprise delivery of top-female talent. Companies benefit from high-caliber professionals, bringing them on board via our Flexreturn™ Model reduces their risk and cost. Our endeavor ensures they see talent they would otherwise miss and is their fastest path to grow their pipeline for women in senior roles. UP has been recognized by the CT Technology Council as 2018 Woman of Innovation, received the 2019 Entrepreneur Award in the Social Good Category and was recognized in 2019 during both Woman’s History Month by CT SBDC and National Entrepreneur’s Month at the CT State Capitol. 

Started in CT, Hartford Region. Have serviced Clients and Candidates in CA, MA, NC, NJ, NY

Key Events: Mentor Mingles, Mock-Interview, Speed Interview. Mentor Mingles include 'Re-Ignite' and 'Lift UP' Panels. We support businesses in search, return-to-work seminars, skillUP Programs and one-off, cohort and enterprise delivery of top-female talent. Mentor-match, peer-match, 1:1 Inventory, Group Coaching (on-line/live), Skills-assessment, TECH 101+ and skillUP courses, curated roles. Events include Mentor Mingles, Mock-Interview, and Speed Interview.

Returning professional and pivoting women. Accepted applicants are degreed professionals with 5-7 years experience in their field.

Flexible, mid-career, mid-level internships with a stipend at forward-thinking companies. Our Flexreturn™ Engagements benefit those returning from, embarking on or in the 'juggle' of caregiving.

Candace Freedenberg at

Candace Freedenberg at

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